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Per vecchio: Andrea, ho appena ricevuto la stessa identica mail che hai ricevuto tu, e Norton ha rilevato un virus.

Dice esattamente:

<i>hello, I am from Spain and you'll don't believe me,
but a trojan horse in on your computer.
I've scanned the network-ports on the internet. (I know, that's illegal)
And I have found your pc. Your pc is open on the internet for everybody!
Because the lsass.exe trojan is running on your system.
Check this, open the task manager and try to stop that!
You'll see, you can't stop this trojan.
When you use win98/me you can't see the trojan!!

On my system was this trojan, too!
And I've found a tool to kill that bad thing.
I hope that I've helped you!

Sorry for my bad english!


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Cannot live without
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