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One way to improve your English and do some maths at the same time is to go to recreational maths events in (or mostly in) English. You can talk to the other attendees in breaks and the evening, and there will usually be a mix of native and non-native speakers. Of course you could also go to "serious" maths conferences.

There is the "Recreational Mathematics Colloquium" series held in Portugal in January in odd-numbered years.
The next one is in 2021. This is perhaps only technically in Portugal.

There is "MOVES" in New York in August in odd-numbered years.

There is "MATRIX" in various locations in August or September in even-numbered years. The next one is in Paris

There is the Gathering for Gardner in March or April in even-numbered years. It is invitation-only but you can ask to be invited.

There is the "MathsJam Gathering" in the UK every November.

There are also monthly MathsJams in various cities around the world, so if you find yourself in one of them on the penultimate Tuesday of the month you could do some mathsjam tourism. There are currently three Jams
in Italy. Possibly overseas MathsJam tourists occasionally visit those. If your city doesn't have a Jam you
could start one and that would be an excuse to have to communicate in English with other Jams, and
being on the MathsJam city list could cause some mathsjam tourists to come and visit you. Of course English
might not be their preferred language. See for more details of the monthly Jams.

There is an annual maths and art conference called Bridges.
The next one is in Helsinki and Espoo next year.

Are there other similar events I am not aware of?

Some of these events have very short talks - 5 minutes is common - so you can also get practice at preparing
and giving a talk in English without it needing to be impossibly long. And of course you might have to deal with questions about it afterwards.
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