Migliorare inglese parlato

Messaggioda skizzo66 » 12/05/2017, 19:05

Salve a tutti! Sono qui per richiedervi qualche consiglio.

Per quanto riguarda l'inglese scritto e quello ascoltato mi trovo molto bene, riesco a capire bene testi e libri anche di difficoltà abbastanza elevata e ultimamente con un po' di pratica riesco a capire i discorsi in inglese nei video o nei film. L'unica cosa che non riesco a fare è parlare in inglese.

Al momento in cui mi viene fatta una domanda in inglese non mi vengono assolutamente le parole e di conseguenza non riesco a rispondere oppure se ci riesco lo faccio con un discorso abbastanza rozzo. Il bello è che riesco a capire perfettamente la domanda ma ho difficoltà a rispondere.

Cosa potrei fare per migliorare questa capacità? :D
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Re: Migliorare inglese parlato

Messaggioda skizzo66 » 16/05/2017, 15:52

Grazie per le risposte esaustive.

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Re: Migliorare inglese parlato

Messaggioda gio73 » 22/05/2017, 20:12

Hi skizzo
this section is often empy, so nobody has answered you yet
Why don't we start a conversation? If you can write a sentence, you will be able to read it loudly!

Tell me about yourself, are you a student? Which kind of topic are you interested in?
Which movies do you like watching? Have you got any suggestions for me?

Write in English in this section, please.
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Re: Migliorare inglese parlato

Messaggioda Weierstress » 06/09/2017, 15:03

The only way to improve is speaking English as much as you can, there's really no way around it.

Find a buddy you can have conversations with; the preferred option, of course, is picking someone who already speaks English well (if you know a native speaker who could help you out, that would be awesome) but also someone who is about at your level and is willing to learn is fine.

If this is not possible for any reasons, you can always practise it by yourself. Who doesn't have conversations by themselves? Just change the language. Stand in front of a mirror and start speaking about a topic you know something about, be it what you did today, or mathematics and physics. Don't be shy; if you are self-conscious and don't want anyone to listen, you can always do it while taking a shower.

Nowadays, though, finding a partner is easy: just do it online. There are several sites such as
italki which you may find suitable to your needs.

The key thing to remember is, you are going to make mistakes. Just don't care. You say that when you manage to speak your speech is broken and rough, but the important thing is to be understood. Give it a few months and it will be much better.
"When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing. Now, God only knows."
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Re: Migliorare inglese parlato

Messaggioda cooper » 14/09/2017, 18:12

some time has passed from all the previous answers but I'd like to express my opinion anyway. :-D
I'll start off by saying that in high school I studied languages so I kinda know how it feels like. by practicing English on a daily basis I can assure you that at some point something will click and everything will become easier. I think that one of the best way to speed this process up is to watch films/TV series in English, as you're already doing thogh. not only it helps you with the listening but it expands your vocabulary, il helps you with the pronunciation and when dialogues are really fast it also helps you to follow and reply more quickly.
since you say that you have no problem with the listening you can already watch them without subtitles. obviously if you don't pair it with some talking it won't that effective but I think that watching film in English is one of the best habits one can learn to do to improve their skills.
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